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It is obvious to everyone that a building can not be built until architectural plans are made. For your project to be successful, it is equally important to define the technical architecture of the building. 

Our concepts will not only give an answer to the technical challenges of today, but will allow your building to evolve with future generations.



Technical coordination is an essential key to the success of a project. This coordination requires specific and extended knowledge to all technical equipments of building. Whether we talk about climate, lighting, blinds, spa, pool, ventilation, sound system, media, security ... the final result will depend on the successful implementation of all these facilities. 

Throughout the implementation, we go on with you to make that your project meet your expectations.



For a friendly and easy use of your facility, we schedule your customized systems. 

No more multiple remotes cluttering up your living room, everything will be controlled by one control system. You can choose among different products offered one that suits you.



We make every effort to ensure that your project is unique and suits you. In this context, we also take care of the installation of the project that we have designed, planned, coordinated and programmed for you. 

All technical equipment that we provide such as multimedia equipment, sound equipment, control equipment, safety equipment, ... will be installed and connected by our team. This will allow us to ensure the successful implementation of our concept.



The quality of the products provides excellent performance and excellent reliability. 

However, if failures were to occur, we provide maintenance of facilities. All our facilities are designed to be checked at a distance. 

We can respond quickly and with lower cost. 

Remote access allows us also to monitor the installation and optimization as needed.



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